Fish story........

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Fish story........

Postby SteveC » Wed May 29, 2019 3:58 am

Well this afternoon, Kevin and I decided to lake test a motor we had been working on.  The weather here has been a bit of a challenge lately, so even though the weather was questionable, we jumped at the opportunity.   The motor was only a 10hp, so we took the small boat, (the Lund CT-14), as it is very handy with the small motors.  Well, it was very last minute, and as so often happens when you make a quick decision, some things are often overlooked.   At least this was the case with today's adventure.   I grabbed our life jackets, and an extra rod to add to the ones already in the truck, but the landing net, and tackle boxes, and any other bait were left safely at home.  Oh well, 3 of the rods had lures on them, so out we went.  It was blowing rather briskly out of the northeast.  The DNR launch is on that side of the lake, but where Kevin wanted to fish was of course at the opposite side.  The motor ran really well, and I was pleased for him as he had been working on it for the last few weeks and his determination was paying off well.  As we got further to the other side of the lake, the waves grew as the fetch was increasing as we went along, and it was pretty rough with white caps.   The area he wanted to try was where a small creek runs out of the lake.  (It is actually right where we hold our club meets, but this time we were going there by boat.)  As we got to the spot, there is a low foot bridge that crosses the creek.  The area leading to it is quite shallow, only about 2 feet or so, but the lake water is a bit high this spring, so we had enough to float and motor in.

     I placed two or three casts into the area as Kevin held the boat in the wind with the motor.  There were some pretty good rollers heading in, but we were offered some protection from marina area.  I had a bite from a small bluegill that had chased my Rapala back to the boat, but nothing else.  I was not expecting much to come of this situation.  I had had just made another cast when Kevin tossed his perch Rapala P-11 into almost the same spot I had just casted.  It was only an instant, but he was attached to something BIG!  In a flash, it raced across the front of the boat, and of course crossed into my line, and out along the west shore it ran.  My line broke almost immediately, and I got on the oars to start the chase.  My own Rapala had thankfully come loose from his, and it was floating in the water harmlessly as I rowed past, but I didn't feel that it was worth the chance to take and attempt to salvage it.  I was rowing the boat as fast as I could from the middle seat as Kevin was in battle with the fish from the stern position.  I wanted to get away from the docks and other boats that could become an entanglement issue with the fish as soon as possible.  Well, as we moved away from the little protection that the marina afforded us, It was soon obvious that rowing stern into the waves was going to do anything but get us wet, or even a lot wet.  I let him know what I was doing, and quickly spun the boat around and we were off with the pursuit.  With the bow now into the wind, I was able to make good headway in the chase.  We rowed about 1000 feet into the freshening wind by this point.  

That the battle had lasted at this point of about 15 minutes, was miracle enough when the unthinkable, but inevitable dreaded slack in the line came back.  We never did get a look at the beast, perhaps that is for the better, as it will be the subject of many sleepless nights for him.  The more to ponder and wonder, "what was it?"  "Did I have my drag set OK?", "What could I have done different?"  I can almost assure you that it will be one of those memories that do not fade, but stay clear till for many years to come,   He didn't do anything wrong, it was only 8# test line, and really hard to believe that the battle lasted as long as it did.  We figure it was most likely a Muskie or Northern Pike as there are not too many things that can get that big in this lake.  What ever it was, it was indeed a large fish.  If it was a Pike or Muskie, the Rapala could have been in it's mouth, and only waiting for one of the sharp teeth to cut the line.   I have caught fish into 30# range, and this one was acting like those, but alas we will never know.  I now have the story where we lost two Rapala's on one fish!

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Re: Fish story........

Postby Deep C » Wed May 29, 2019 2:09 pm

In a way kind of a blessing that you did not get a look at that fish.
Deep C
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