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Small gas tank question

PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 11:55 pm
by mark 55
Here are two of the smaller sized mercury single line tanks. I’m guessing the one on the right with the smaller opening is older? I believe it is from a 110. Would the merc 60 have come with a tank like one of these? Any idea why they changed the size (or what year) of the gas cap at some point?


Re: Small gas tank question

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:11 pm
by mercaholic
It may be more of an issue in the evolution of the tanks.

The tanks for my '68 Merc 40 and '63 Merc 9.8hp both came with a small filler hole.  So maybe things changed during the 1970's

Re: Small gas tank question

PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:32 pm
by dougw
The one with the smaller cap looks like the tank that was with my 68 model 60 (6hp) when I was a kid, by the time I inherited it had set with gas in it @ 30 yrs and
the tank and cap were rusted beyond the point of being usable, saved the fitting but that was it.